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Brown Wide Pin Belt by Nickel Smart®

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With brown so trendy in fashion right now, pairing the beloved wide pin buckle with a comfortable brown leather was a great move. The full grain leather on this brown strap is incredibly flexible with a slightly distressed look. The Certified Nickel Free™ Wide Pin Buckle is a winner - both in looks and durability. It comes stitched to the leather belt, so no worries about snaps creating more allergy issues.

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The wide pin buckle is also available in doctor-recommended titanium: Titanium Wide Pin Black Belt, the Titanium Wide Pin Distressed Brown Belt, or the Titanium Wide Pin Brown Belt

Carbon fiber wide pin belts are here too! Carbon Fiber Black Wide Pin and Carbon Fiber Wide Pin Brown


Style: Wide Pin Buckle

Material: Certified Nickel Free zinc alloy


Color: Brown

Width: 1½ inches (38 mm)

Materials: Full grain leather

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