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Avery - Women's Brown Belt by Nickel Smart®

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We've updated the look of this ever-popular belt - the deep rich brown of the genuine full grain leather strap is accented with black edging to make a very attractive and comfortable belt!

Wear this versatile belt for year-round activities! In Avery County (NC), those activities could include hiking through spectacular fall foliage, taking wildflower pilgrimages, and enjoying après skiing.

This belt is up to the challenge; confront your nickel allergies with Certified Nickel Free® products - no more itchy belly rashes to ruin your fun-filled days!

We guarantee this product's durability for six months of normal wear.

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Material: Zinc Alloy,  Certified Nickel Free™ 


Color(s):    Deep Brown with black edging

Width:        1 inch (25 mm)

Materials:   Genuine Full Grain Leather

Handmade in USA 

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