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The Specialist Black Dress Belt by Nickel Smart®

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Ready to turn your love for new gadgets into relief for your nickel allergy rash?

The research and craft specialists at NoNickel have teamed up to offer innovative and nickel free carbon fiber belts.

Carbon fiber - long used for aerospace, military, and sporting goods - is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio and is assured to be 100% nickel free (metal free means no chance of nickel)!

The buckle is hand sewn to the strap which means there is zero metal on this belt! Perfect for travel and high security clearance jobs.

This belt is guaranteed for one year against breakage; lifetime guarantee to be nickel free! Ideal for the dress to dress-casual environment.


Style:   Carbon Fiber Pin Buckle by Nickel Smart 

Material:  Genuine 100% Carbon Fiber - Certified Nickel Free™    


Color(s):    Black 

Width:       1⅜  inches  (35 mm)

Materials:   Full Grain Leather

Handmade in USA

 This belt is also available in brown, The Specialist Brown Belt. The two are sold together as The Specialist Belt Set.

What size nickel free belt should you order? 

A very small staple is used to secure the leather keeper. The staple is fully encased and will not touch your skin or trigger metal detectors.