The Traveler Belt Set by Nickel Smart®

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If long business trips have you coming home with an uncomfortable nickel allergy rash, the Traveler Belt Set is the answer just for you! These pliable nickel free belts pack well in small spaces, have the stylish versatility you need for all your work (and play) time, and are guaranteed to never test positive for nickel.

Maybe you only need one of these nickel free belts? They are sold separately as the Black Balsam Knob Belt and Casual Brown Belt.

Black Balsam Belt:

Buckle: Clamp Pin Buckle by Nickel Smart

Strap: Top grain leather; width is 1⅜  inches or 35 mm

Casual Brown Belt:

Buckle: Attractively designed nickel free zinc buckle

Strap: Full grain leather; width is 1⅜ inches or 35 mm.

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