Updated 10-24-19

Spring is a great time to get involved in environmental projects such as The Big Sweep!  It's also the perfect time to sweep away nickel allergy symptoms by cleaning out the nickel in your life!

It is rewarding to participate in The Big Sweep, as volunteers across the country work to clean our waterways.  It's good to be doing something positive for the environment plus it just feels great to be outside after a long winter!

Along with cleaning up litter and sprucing up our homes, isn't spring cleaning an excellent way to sweep nickel out of your life?  If you've been followers of this blog for any amount of time, you already know the process.  But for newcomers, here's the drill:

  • Identify nickel with Nickel Alert™, a dimethylglyoxime spot test
  • Protect yourself from nickel with Nickel Guard™, a clinically proven and award-winning barrier protection
  • Or, replace the item with one that is Certified Nickel Free™

The endless winter has had some positive effects here at NoNickel.com.  Our leather craftsman has been stuck inside, so we have lots of genuine leather belts – many with upgraded looks!  Our Titanium Work Belt (Distressed Gray) by Nickel Smart is the same great titanium work buckle that we have always had but paired with a distressed leather strap for an immediate vintage look.

 Our jewelry designer has beaten her winter blues by concentrating her efforts on spring styles!  Be sure to check out the Seasonal Earrings for some whimsical new spring designs!   

Let’s not forget the Easter holiday that is just around the corner.  Parents continue to express concern over reports that chocolate is a food high in nickel.  While this is true, the great majority of nickel allergy sufferers should not be affected by nickel in the diet.  However, if a dermatologist or allergist is recommending a low nickel diet, then there are tasty alternatives even for the Easter basket!  Think jelly beans and Peeps- and have a wonderful Spring!