Updated 10-25-19

Surprised to learn that a gift from NoNickel may make you Cupid's Choice for your thoughtfulness this year?

If your sweetie has been suffering from an itchy belly rash due to nickel allergy, you know that he doesn't deal with discomfort very well! We have the solution, backed by many customer comments, that wearing our nickel free belts will turn your grouchy guy back into the sweetheart you know him to be.

While many men are suffering needlessly from symptoms of nickel allergy, their significant others are trying to find answers.  We often hear from those customers offering great stories of how our nickel free products have resolved a life-long problem!  It's such a relief to both parties when nickel free belts resolve the itchy rashes associated with nickel allergy.  

Whether you're looking for a comfortable, casual, modestly priced belt or a high-end professional work belt, you will find the largest selection of nickel free belts in the world when you visit the NoNickel website.  Most of our belts are handcrafted from genuine leather, then paired with a nickel free buckle to make a great gift for Valentine's Day - or any other day!  Looking to make a lasting impression?  Consider one of our Signature Series nickel free belts that are guaranteed for life!

If your guy has never been diagnosed with nickel allergy by a dermatologist or allergist, be aware that not all abdominal rashes are caused by nickel.  There are less frequent occurrences of allergies to other metals, making a titanium belt buckle an option to consider. Titanium is recommended by doctors worldwide for those with metal allergies.

Looking for some hints for for this Valentine's Day?  Let us share our thoughts on some popular belts for the season:

Does your Valentine enjoy hiking, mountain biking, or all things outdoors?  You cannot go wrong with the Roan Mountain Nickel Free Belt. Named for a place of incredible, rugged beauty, this belt is great-looking and offers amazing comfort from the first day it's worn. 

If he is drawn toward the latest in high tech gadgets, we think he will be excited to discover that carbon fiber is now available in a nickel free belt buckle!  Try the CF 2.0 Nickel Free Belt on for size; just the name alone is enough to excite the nerd in your sweetie, and the look will have him hooked!

Is your guy hard at work all day in a demanding and physically active job?  The Nickel Free Titanium Work Belt was designed with him in mind! This durable belt is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a hefty genuine distressed leather belt strap that is guaranteed for a lifetime of wear!  

Maybe you're thinking something on the trendy side would be suit your Valentine - our double pin roller belts range from modestly priced to handcrafted genuine leather belts that are now on sale for a good bargain!  Something trendier with a little more metal? Take a look at the Black Studded Nickel Free Belt or add a little sass with our newest carbon fiber belt, CF 2.0 Black Belt with Silver Weave Buckle.

There are too many of our personal favorites to list them here, so take your time as you look through our site!  We think you will like what you see and he will be sooooo appreciative when that itchy rash disappears! Read the testimonials as you go along, you will be joining the ranks of other caring friends and loved ones when you buy nickel free for your guy!