Nickel free gifts for Mom, grads, teachers, bridesmaids, birthdays and more!  It is shaping up to be another frenzied shopping season! Maybe your gift search has been hampered by the concern that the recipient is allergic to the nickel in jewelry.  No more worries, buying beautiful gifts for someone with nickel allergy has never been easier! is excited to announce their relationship with a jewelry design studio located near corporate headquarters in North Carolina! This new nickel free jewelry features stunning dichroic glass which has been designed and fired in their studio, along with other beaded dangles that summon summery thoughts of the Carolina coast!

The dichroic glass posts and dangles are mesmerizing with layers of color that dance in the light, turning these nickel free earrings into gorgeous works of art. Associating the depths of design, hues, and reflected light with waterfalls seemed a natural, so enjoy a fanciful trip to a beautiful cooling North Carolina waterfall as you view the new dichroic dangles.  A favorite, Rainbow Falls Nickel Free Earrings, embodies the color and light seen in the rainbow of the sparkling mist at the namesake locale. 

Names for the starry dichroic glass posts were inspired by the fantastic images from the Hubble Space Telescope, including Supernova Nickel Free Earrings which have the incredible color now associated with a stellar explosion.  The 25th anniversary of the Hubble Telescope seemed a good time to pay homage, based on the knowledge and enjoyment the telescope has provided the public. 

In addition to the dichroic glass posts and dangles, the jewelry artists have created nickel free dangles designed from Czech glass, in colors and beads that evoke thoughts of relaxed days on the shore.  This feeling was so evident, these dangles now have the names of some of our favorite coastal getaways.  The bright blue Carolina Beach Nickel Free Earrings have us thinking Carolina blue skies, blue seas, and no more winter blues!  To quote James Taylor, "Can't you just feel the sunshine?"!

Regardless of the design, each of these earrings is guaranteed for life to never test positive for nickel.  The design and creation includes only Certified Nickel Free™ materials.  Take a look, you'll enjoy the trip to the Carolina waterfalls, beaches, and galaxies far away!  Your ears deserve a vacation from nickel allergy!