It's true, summer heat intensifies those fiery, itchy rashes associated with an allergic reaction to nickel. The reason is simple - nickel salts transfer more readily with the presence of moisture, so an increase in perspiration will increase the likelihood of an allergic reaction for those who are sensitive to nickel.

Still feeling patriotic after celebrating Independence Day?  Here at NoNickel, we are pretty excited about our Made in the USA belts and earrings.  We personally know the artisans who create these nickel free buckles and earrings, and we know their commitment to quality and to our customers!

Buying from NoNickel should be an exciting summer adventure, as customers can be assured that the end to the discomfort of nickel allergy is near. More importantly, there are now so many new styles and designs that shopping is even more fun! No so very long ago, nickel allergy sufferers weren't offered a lot of options in belt styles or earring designs.  Now there are choices to complement almost any desired look, and all purchases are guaranteed to never test positive for nickel!

Wondering what's new in the NoNickel line-up?  Take a look at the distressed leather belts:  Roan Mountain Distressed Leather Belt and Ridgeline Trail Distressed Leather Belt.  The full grain "pull-up" leather improves over time and gives each belt a distinctive, unique look.  Just remember, these distressed leather belts will never create the distressing problems of nickel allergy rashes!

Perfect for summer wear are the new Wire Wrapped Nickel Free Earrings. All these earrings are handcrafted in our home state and sport the names of refreshing local waterfalls or charming beach towns. Versatile design is perfect for summer styling!

Perhaps summer vacations have you watching your budget.  If so, remember we often offer our blemished belts at an amazing price reduction.  Closeout styles are also a great way to save, but acting quickly is the key.  

There is no excuse for suffering with nickel allergy during what should be the relaxed days of summer!  Trust the Certified Nickel Free™ brands at NoNickel and experience the difference!