Whether your students are starting kindergarten or moving into a college dorm, if they have nickel allergy, NoNickel has some helpful school supply suggestions! 

Nickel can be found in many of the typical school supplies – from scissors and paper clips to tablets and laptops.  The first item on the prepared parent’s back to school check list should be Nickel Solution™.  Especially for the highly allergic student, testing school supplies that are used frequently should be a priority.  Nickel Alert™ makes testing for nickel simple, safe, and highly accurate.  Once nickel has been detected in metal, there are choices to be made.  Typically there are safe and common sense choices such as selecting plastic coated scissor handles, vinyl paper clips, or protective coverings for tablets.  When possible, using Nickel Guard™ to protect non-movable metallic objects is also a very effective way to avoid nickel. 

Students who are involved in new activities for the upcoming school year may need to use caution.  Band instruments are a surprising source of nickel and resulting allergic reactions.  Nickel Alert can be used to safely test metal instruments to determine if there is nickel content.  Since nickel allergy has become an issue with some in the music industry, there are now more options in nickel free instruments, mouthpieces, and strings. 

Sports are a great way for students to stay active and learn lifelong teambuilding skills. Unfortunately, there have been reports of nickel allergy rashes caused by metallic closures, belts, and grommets in sport uniforms.  Some of the metal parts on uniforms can be protected with a lacquer specially designed for sensitive skin, Nickel Guard.  Tested by dermatologists and found to be an effective barrier between the nick  fedBut c el in metal and skin, Nickel this week y try Guard can be safely and easily applied to non-movable metal parts.  It does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, or dibutyl phthalate which can create secondary dermatitis problems for those with the sensitive skin associated with nickel allergy. 

Shopping for back to school clothing presents a special set of problems for students suffering with nickel allergy.  It is important to secure the perfect look for the school setting, without creating an embarrassing nickel allergy rash from a belt, watch, or jewelry.  Nickel free belts have gone from boring and basic to stylish and unique at NoNickel.com.  For students heading off to college, there are great choices in handcrafted, genuine leather belts that come with the lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel.  Younger children requiring a nickel free belt for school uniforms can find the perfect fit with the Children’s Black Nickel Free Belt. 

The nickel free dichroic glass earrings are a great conversation-starter for the trendy teen.  Made in North Carolina, the dichroic glass has been fired several times to create the unique and mesmerizing shifts of color and depth display.  The same artisans then design the earrings, including both posts and dangles in their collection. 

Why all the fuss about nickel allergy?  Studies are showing that this uncomfortable malady is becoming more prevalent due to the increased use of nickel in metallic products and particularly with the prevalence of body piercings today.  Parents should intervene to assure steps are taken to avoid turning a piercing into a lifelong battle with nickel allergy.   Individuals who are susceptible to nickel allergy can become quickly sensitized with any body piercing.  Recommendations for safe piercing include the use of sterile, nickel free needles and nickel free jewelry.  A reputable piercer should be able to provide documentation of the metal content of items being used so that no nickel will be introduced via piercing. 

When completing student health forms, parents are advised to mention their student’s allergies, including contact dermatitis to nickel. College bound students should also be reminded to alert their Student Health Center professional to their allergy to nickel as this information can be important in diagnosing and treating some conditions. 

NoNickel is committed to helping those with nickel allergy rid themselves of uncomfortable rashes, blisters, and hives.  It takes some work on the part of involved parents and students but the end result is a nickel rash free life!