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June 22, 2016 3 min read

Naming the beautiful dichroic glass dangle earrings was a collaborative effort here at NoNickel. We wanted names with a relationship echoing the beauty and origin of this earring collection.

Our knowledge of the western North Carolina waterfalls led to agreement that they were the perfect namesake for handcrafted, nickel free dichroic glass earrings with astonishing depths and colors.  We started with Rainbow Falls Nickel Free Earrings since the brilliant rainbow colors of these earrings made them a perfect match!  A recent visit to the 150-foot Rainbow Falls didn’t occur at the right time of day to see the arcs of light for which it is famous, but did reveal a cooling rush of water with spray that could be felt at quite a distance! The somewhat strenuous hike parallels the journey those of us with nickel allergy must take to find that cooling relief from nickel free products! Take a look at our gorgeous Nickel Free Rainbow Falls Earrings, made here in North Carolina and their eponym waterfalls!

Looking Glass Falls is one of the easiest waterfalls to view in the area.  Just park on the side of the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway, you’ll be rewarded after only a few steps to a stunning view of a 60-foot cascade of water.  While the white water and silvery sparkle remind us of a looking glass, the winter view when the falls freeze is said to be spectacularly reflective! Maybe on our next cold-weather trip, we can check it out and offer more photos. For now, here is a view of Looking Glass Falls near the time of the Summer Solstice, making it quite refreshing.  The sparkly Looking Glass Falls Dichroic Glass Earringsoffer just the right cooling effect for summertime wear! Gazing into their depths can be as mesmerizing as studying the water on its rocky path over these beautiful falls.

 Whitewater Falls is said to be the highest east coast waterfall, at 411 feet for the upper falls. Cascading from the Whitewater River, which is the namesake not for earrings, but rather one of our newer Amish-made Signature Series Titanium Belts. Naming these belts for rivers in our area was another way of honoring both these amazing products and our abiding geographic heritage. Our Whitewater Nickel Free Belt is made with painstaking care from an Amish family-owned business whose attention to detail is evident in their resulting products. This belt is handcrafted of a solid piece of genuine top grain leather, then a nickel free titanium buckle is added, earning this belt a lifetime guarantee against breakage or defects. As with every NoNickelproduct, it has a lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel; the titanium buckle is also recommended by dermatologists and allergists for anyone with metal allergy.


These names are just the latest in a years-long tribute to our home state! Beginning with the introduction of our handcrafted genuine leather belts several years ago, the belts were named for stately mountains that have withstood the tests of time and remain sources of activity and inspiration for all of us who live in and visit North Carolina.  Our Beech Mountain Belts are named for the “Eastern America’s Highest Town” and a great place to mountain bike, ski, and hike! A recent hike on Beech Mountain afforded the view below! And while you can’t see the slopes, you can tell that skiing Beech is a fun time! Take a look at the great nickel free Beech Mountain belt set, too!

The NoNickel family enjoys experiencing all that our North Carolina mountains and rivers have to offer and hope that sharing our experiences helps you understand why we want to include our state treasures as part of our naming process.

We want you to enjoy a nickel free life! So take a vacation from nickel allergy rash, whether you visit our state or another country, travel light with no worries of nickel allergy symptoms when you use the Certified Nickel Free™ products from NoNickel!