The start of a new school year is a terrific time to try on a new look!  Our stylish NickelSmart brand has some great new designs in both belts and earrings that are sure to meet almost everyone's back to school needs. The NickelSmart brand means these products have been tested and come with a lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel - they are Certified Nickel Free™! Also to love about these products is that most of the NoNickel belts and earrings are handcrafted in the USA. 

After talking to students who are returning to school this month, they agree that their positive attitude starts with a fresh look!. What makes it better is when that new style is also super comfortable and won’t ever cause a nickel allergy rash. Take it from those who know, a red, itchy rash is a not a good way to start the school year!

Dressing it up a little for the first day? The NickelSmart nickel free dichroic glass earrings add amazing sparkle to light up a smile! Maybe earrings in your school colors would get you in the spirit?  With lots of beautiful dangle and shimmering post earrings, you should be able to find a match!

Heading into the cooler months, guys and girls are reaching for the Roan Mountain Distressed Leather Belt. This nickel free belt is a great match for distressed leather boots and shoes, plus it looks so amazing with jeans.

Concerned about school supplies exacerbating nickel allergy symptoms? For products that are used often, it’s a good idea to test for nickel with Nickel Alert™. Easy, accurate, and safe for all metal items, Nickel Alert will provide a positive test for even extremely low levels of nickel.

With some mobile devices previously showing a positive test result for nickel, it would be a good idea to test those items due to the frequent contact. If a positive result is found, consider a cover that will provide the necessary protection. 

Musical instruments are often another source for nickel.  When possible, test those instruments before purchasing, even the strings on stringed instruments may test positive for nickel.  Ensure your student’s success in band by testing first and avoiding the rash!

More people are becoming aware of the nickel found in belt buckles and so are switching to NickelSmart, the Certified Nickel Free brand! If you’ve made the change and are still having some abdominal rash problems, consider testing the metallic buttons and snaps of your jeans, pants, and shorts. If these test positive for nickel, they can be changed out with nickel free buttons and rivets packets. 

On rare occasions, the problem may persist indicating that there may be an allergy to more metals than nickel. A visit to your allergist or dermatologist can provide an accurate diagnosis.Titanium is most often recommended by doctors worldwide for multiple metal allergies. Many of NoNickel’s nickel free titanium belts are guaranteed for life to never break or fail in any manner. All the belts are guaranteed for life to never test positive for nickel!

Get off to a smart start and finish strong! Be comfortable and rash free when you place your trust in products from