Over the past year, we expanded our product lines significantly in an attempt to meet every customer’s needs. This year we are confident that we are in a position to offer something for anyone who suffers from nickel allergy, making this a Happy Nickel Free New Year!

Our metal free Carbon Fiber Belt Collection saw a lot of new growth as did our dermatologist-recommended Titanium Belt Collection. While perusing these collections, it might be interesting to note that one of our most enduring belt buckles, the Wide Pin Buckle is now offered in a carbon fiber style as well as a titanium buckle; these buckles are featured on several of the handcrafted leather belts. These belt collections are targeted by the select population who suffer from allergies to multiple metals. Titanium is doctor-recommended as a metal with extremely low allergenicity and carbon fiber is metal free. 

The NoNickel customer base has even expanded to many who do not suffer from nickel allergy. Our Handmade in the USA Belts are so well constructed that we now have a lot of people simply interested in a great leather belt. Our metal free Carbon Fiber Belts have long appealed to frequent fliers and those with high security jobs.

Owner Michael Dow made it his goal in 2017 to secure well-made leather belts for our customers looking for great values. To that end, we have added the Wide Pin Brown Belt, the Journeyman Black Belt, and the newly updated Wide Pin Black Belt II (pictured). These belts are crafted with full grain leather and nickel free zinc buckles.

For those looking for new nickel free jewelry designs, many were added over the past months and plans are underway to further expand those collections.  Leading in popularity continue to be the Nickel Free Dichroic Glass Dangles!

Although Nickel Solution is the last product mentioned for a Nickel Free New Year, it is the first product that should be considered! Nickel Solution is the foundation for becoming completely nickel free. This two-step kit is the easy way to test for nickel in any metal, then protect the skin from that nickel.

All of us at NoNickel wish you a happy, healthy New Year. We are working daily to assure that your nickel allergy symptoms can be last year’s problems and that this year will be truly nickel free.